Changing shift hours for a single employee

Case Scenario:

We have a Shift Pattern called Alternate Day (4 Day, 4 days off, 4 nights, 4 days off).

The day shift in that pattern is set from 5am to 5pm and the night shift in that pattern is set from 5pm to 5am.

We have some employees working on that Alternate Day shift pattern.

One of the employees needs to have his pattern adjusted as he will work on shorter hours (start at 5:30 pm instead of 5pm) for a set period of time.


Check our current employee

Our employee, D Anespie, is currently working the Alternate Day Shift Pattern which contains the Night shift that starts at 5pm



Create the new night shift

Go to Settings>Codes>Shifts and create a new night shift with the new hours. Save

We have called our new night shift NGT2.


Set the current pattern to end

Go to the employee profile and click on the Shift pattern tab. We have there the current shift pattern the employee is working.

Click on Edit Dates for the current shift pattern and set it to the date that will be the last day working the current pattern (say it's December 19)

Create new pattern for employee

Click on Import From Template and import the same shift pattern the employee was currently doing (we don't want to change the pattern, only the hours, so we will use the same shift pattern)

Once you have the shift pattern on screen,


We will change all night shifts in that pattern NGT to the new night shifts NGT2



The new shift pattern for that employee has been created.


Recreate schedule for employee

Go to the published or unpublished schedule and go to the employee line:


Click on the employee name and when the View Employee Info opens, go to the Recreate Schedule tab.

Recreate the schedule choosing as start date the date of our new shift pattern (in our case December 20)




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