Leave Bank - Set up

Note: This article only applies to your organization if it has the leave bank feature enabled.

If it is enabled, you will see this icon on your home page:

And after you click on it, the leave bank page will open:

Important note: If this is your first time using the leave bank, you will need to create a fiscal year to start using it. Once the fiscal year is created, it can not be deleted or changed.

Setup Leave Codes with Leave Bank

If you go to Settings>Codes>Leave Codes and click on the New button you will see something like this:

Bankable: Allotting a Pool of Hours (i.e. vacation) to Employees, track these hours as well as the draw down through Leaves being taken.

You will mark a leave code as bankable if you wish to track the amount of time allotted per that Leave Code and a remaining balance which accounts for Leaves that have reduced the allotted vacation for a year for example. Selecting this field enables the balance of fields in this section.

After you enable a leave as bankable, you can set the Minimum and/or Maximum balance for leave codes.

Minimum Balance: Allows control to stop Employees from creating a Leave that will result in remaining time in bank to drop below this value; negative values allows overdraft situations.  Allowing overdrafts would necessitate allowing banking of worked hours to pull one out from overdraft.  Can be overridden by Scheduler.

Maximum Balance: Places upper limits on accrued time when Allow banking of worked hours is allowed.  Can be overridden by Scheduler.

Setting the Minimum Balance to zero, (if your organization has enabled the Work Rule InsufficientHoursInLeaveBank) set up as a Violation, that ensures that should an employee attempt to create a Leave Request and have exhausted their Base Yearly Allowance in the Leave Bank, that the system will trigger a Rule Violation preventing the Employee from creating the Leave Request.

Another option that will be displayed after you enable the leave as bankable is

Allow banking of worked hours is the functionality that allows overtime to be saved as bankable time rather than being paid out to an Employee. You will need to request to your implementation agent to enable this option and to set it up for you.

Leave Bank - Initial Balances, Adjustments and Fiscal CarryOver Amounts


The Fiscal Year will have your Current Fiscal year by default.

On the Leave code you can select the appropriate Leave Code. Only Leave Codes that have been set up as Bankable will appear in the pull-down selection.

For each employee you can input a Base yearly value in hours. In our example for the Vacation Bank we set 15 days, based on 8 hours day -> 120 hours. Once the value is entered, you can edit it if necessary.

Note: Base yearly allowance values are copied over from year to year.

On the Maximum fiscal carry over you will set the maximum hours to be carried over from the previous year. Once the value is entered it can be edited if necessary.

Note: There is no column that reports on roll-over values carried over from the previous year for each employee.

You can check all the transactions done for that employee if you click on the 


The last column on this Leave Bank view contains buttons to do adjustments to the employees bank hours.

On our example Ms. Leivers has 72 remaining hours, but as per our records that needs to be changed to 82 h. We click on the adjustments button:

And we can add those 10 hours to her with effective day of today

Now it shows the 82 hours:

Now, if you want to see all leave bank codes for an employee (or do any changes or adjustments), you can select the view by Employee

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