Viewing My Schedule

As an employee, you have the ability to view your individual schedule in SchedulePro, if a published schedule exists.

How to get there:

Home > View My Schedule (or click on “Schedule” and then “View My Schedule” in the top navigation bar)

Viewing Your Schedule

Once you’re signed in to SchedulePro, you can access your schedule by clicking on “View My Schedule” either on the homepage or in the “Schedule” dropdown on the navigation bar.

You’ll see your schedule displayed in calendar format.  At the top left of the schedule, you can choose when you want the displayed schedule to start and how many days you want it to show:

Each cell in the calendar contains the shift(s) you’re scheduled to work that day.  If the shift you are schedule to work contains overtime hours, that shift will be marked with a red bottom bar.

There are some icons you may see in your schedule to indicate notes, pay day, unavailability,... depending on your organization settings.

You can click on any cell and a pop-up will appear showing all the details of your shift that day.

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