Changing Teams (changing shift pattern)

Case Scenario:

Team A employees are doing the Shift Pattern called Alternate Day (AD1).

Team B employees are doing the Shift Pattern called Alternate Night (AN1)

We have an employee assigned to Team A and we want to change him to Team B.



Change Team in employee profile

Our employee, Gret With, is currently assigned to the Team A working the Alternate Day Shift Pattern.

We go to our employee profile and we change the team from A to B.

Settings>Employee>Employee Info tab



Check inclusion of employee in the new team schedule

If we now go the the schedule and we filter by Team B, our employee will show there.


But the pattern is not the right pattern (days/nights are swapped). Our employee is still following the Team A shift pattern.


Set the current pattern to end

Go to the employee profile and click on the Shift pattern tab. We have there the current shift pattern the employee is working.


Click on Edit Dates for the current shift pattern and set it to the date that will be the last day working the current pattern (say it's January 5)



Once we have added the end date of the current shift pattern we can create the new one.

Add new pattern for employee

Click on Import From Template and select the new pattern the employee will be doing as part of team B (which in our case is Shift pattern Alternate NIGHT)


Do not change the Shift Pattern Rotation Start Date.

Change the Effective Date>Start Date to the date you want the employee to start working the new pattern (in our case January 8).

Put as Effective Date>End Date the end date for this employee working that shift pattern or if you don't have an end date choose a date in the long future.


 Once you click OK, the screen will change to the Shift pattern window. Do not change the shift pattern.

Click Save.

The new shift pattern has been added to the employee patterns



Recreate schedule for employee

If you now go to the schedule you will see that the employee is still working the old shift pattern in January.


In order for the changes to take place we need to recreate the schedule for that employee.

Go to the published or unpublished schedule (depending on where the new dates belong to) and go to the employee line.

Click on the employee name and when the View Employee Info opens, go to the Recreate Schedule tab.


Recreate the schedule choosing as start date the date of our new shift pattern  (in our case January 8).

Note: If there is a gap between the last date of the old pattern and the new one, the schedule for those days will show as it was before changing the pattern. If you want to apply changes to those days too you will recreate the schedule starting the day after the last date of the old shift pattern.




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