Sending Usernames & Passwords

Having a username and password is what takes someone from being an “employee”, who just exists as a piece of data in the system, to a “user”, who has the ability to interact with SchedulePro.  If you want let your employees view their schedule and (optionally) do things like submit leave requests, this is the page where you can give them access.

How to get there:

Settings > Send Usernames and Passwords

Sending Usernames and Passwords

When you open the Send Usernames and Passwords page, you’ll see a table of all of your employees who have email addresses entered (so if you have employees who aren’t showing up, double-check that their contact info includes an email).

At the top, you can filter the list by only showing employees to whom you haven’t yet sent login information; this is a quick and easy way of finding newly-added employees.  You can also use the text fields under the column name to filter by employee name, position, location, and email address (you must hit enter for the filter to take effect).

Once you’ve found and selected the employees to whom you want to send login data, hit “Send” at the top of the page.

At this point, your employees should receive a SchedulePro Sign in Information email with a link to SchedulePro.

The link will take the user to the login page and the system will prompt them to verify their email address.

After entering the email address and click on the Send verification code, the user will receive an email from Microsoft with the code.

Enter the verification code and click on Verify code.

Then click on Continue

You can now set your password.

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