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How do I log into my SchedulePro account?

System Administrators, Schedule Managers and Schedulers

How can I run reports?
Why is someone not showing up in Candidate Finder (Assign Employees)?
Show all x employees that were evaluated: By default, employees who violate any of your organization’s labor rules (which may include things like minimum time off between shifts and maximum hours worked in a day) are not displayed as candidates. However, you can choose to show those employees by toggling this setting to ON.
How do I reset the Employee Total Overtime hours at the beginning of a new fiscal year?
Why can't I cancel a partial leave?
Partial leaves can only be cancelled if the leave hasn’t been changed manually in the employee shift.
How do I set the leave bank rollover at the start of a new fiscal year?
Can I enter a partial leave?
After you create a new leave, you can choose to set the new leave as a partial leave. You will need to set up the start time and end time of the leave. If the shift spanned midnight, and you want to set the end time for that following day (the day after the leave starts), you will need to choose as end time the hour you need that has a (+1) after it. If the time will end on the day your leave starts, you will need to choose as end time the hour you need without (+1) after it.
How can I see who made a change or when it was made?
How can I schedule holidays?
I am not seeing what I am looking for!
Use keywords to search for more help content, review our Learning Management Site or reach out to customer support.
What kind of information is being shared on the mobile app?
The only information shared is your username. No other data is shared with this application.​ For more information please review Shiftboards privacy policy.

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