Shift Turndown

The turndown feature within Schedule Pro allows users that have been assigned a shift outside your regular occurrence. As an employee you'll be able to view these and turndown shifts assigned to you.

How to get there:

Home > View My Schedule


After clicking into the red bar, it’ll bring up the details behind the shift and you should be able to locate a "Turndown" button above the Schedule Hours. Once you hit Turndown it'll populate as an open shift for others with the qualifications to work it.

However, if you initially "turndown" the shift, and realize that you would still like to work it, you do have the ability to cancel your turndown up until designated time the shift adjustments lock. The "Cancel Turndown" will show up in the same place the original Turndown was located as shown below within the calendar.


Picking up a shift that was Turndown.

If a shift ends up being turndown and it is a shift you would like to have, you will get a notification and be able to find it within the open shift module.

After bidding on the shift it will state in pending until the closing of the turndown (as per the org settings).

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